Saturday, September 29, 2007

Alive and Well & Living in DC

Saturday, September 29

After two months of neglect, I am back to blogging.

Stay tuned as I fill in the gaps and post some neat photos :)

Sometimes I Cook

Saturday, September 29

Twice a week or so, I aspire to cook hearty, healthy meals.

Tonight I made Salsa Shrimp with rice, courtesy of Giant:

I was pleased with how this turned out. I used two cans of corn and added some salt and pepper to the recipe. In addition, I squeezed one fresh lime and used Newman's Own Mango Salsa. Yum!

Earlier in the week, I attempted Peach Poppy Chicken with couscous:

I put three chicken breasts, 12 ounces of peaches (with juice), and half a bottle of Briannas Rich Poppy Seed dressing in my little crock pot. I cooked the mixture on LOW for 11.5 hours (8 to 10 would have been ideal, but I had to work late).

This recipe (which I devised after looking at similar crock pot chicken dishes) disappointed me. The tanginess of the poppy seed dressing was lost, and the peaches were a tad too mushy. Definitely still edible, but not outstanding. I doubt that reducing the cooking time would retain additional flavor, either. Oh well...

Books & Gardens

Saturday, September 29

Today I went to the 2007 National Book Festival, held on the Mall:

While this event was CROWDED, it also was a lot of fun. Target was a Distinguished Benefactor of the Book Festival; Bullseye was in the house to represent:

After saying hello to this professionally trained Bull Terrier, I sauntered by the Magic School Bus (BEEP BEEP):

Ms. Frizzle and Liz were there, too:

By this point, I was done with the Book Festival and ready to move onto something new. Luckily for me, the Hirshhorn Sculpture Garden was 10 feet away. I had a lovely time strolling through the garden and took way too many pictures. Here's the best of the best:

These photos are from around the Hirshhorn Museum:

Next, I wandered through several of the Smithsonian Gardens. These photos are from the Mary Livingston Ripley Garden, between the Hirshhorn Museum and Arts and Industries Building:

The Arts and Industries Building is currently closed for renovation:

This is the Kathrine Dulin Folger Rose Garden, right by the Smithsonian Castle:

Check out the birds:

I continued to visit the Enid A. Haupt Garden:

The Haupt Garden is actually a rooftop garden. Here is the entrance to the S. Dillon Ripley Center, which sits three levels below:

I spent a little bit of time in the Smithsonian Freer and Sackler Galleries. This is a courtyard inside the Freer Gallery:

I was not in a museum mood today, so I walked through L'Enfant Plaza to the Potomac River instead:

All that walking tired me out, and I set out for home (via Metro, of course). The end.

Coventry Night Out

Tuesday, August 14

Tony Nally is in town for a couple of days, so John and I met up with him for dinner tonight! We went back to Coventry, our old stomping grounds, for burritos in the dungeon at Chipotle. (Quite the nerdy/requisite Case thing to do.) Afterward, we went to Big Fun and chatted with Jen, Andy, baby Jason, and Sarah for a bit.

To document the occasion for posterity, Tony decided to take some photographs. The scenery is courtesy of the Coventry Parking Garage.

Posing execution style:

Awww, we do like each other:

Gentlemanly handshake:

Mr. Nally, keeping tabs on me for 8+ years:

We made a short stop at Starbucks and ended up at John's apartment. The Indians game on TV must not have been very entertaining:

Yay for a fun evening with two of my bestest buds!


Saturday, August 4

Ugly and Puppy are not morning people:

(Why must the cuddle party ALWAYS be in my bed?)