Saturday, September 29, 2007

Coventry Night Out

Tuesday, August 14

Tony Nally is in town for a couple of days, so John and I met up with him for dinner tonight! We went back to Coventry, our old stomping grounds, for burritos in the dungeon at Chipotle. (Quite the nerdy/requisite Case thing to do.) Afterward, we went to Big Fun and chatted with Jen, Andy, baby Jason, and Sarah for a bit.

To document the occasion for posterity, Tony decided to take some photographs. The scenery is courtesy of the Coventry Parking Garage.

Posing execution style:

Awww, we do like each other:

Gentlemanly handshake:

Mr. Nally, keeping tabs on me for 8+ years:

We made a short stop at Starbucks and ended up at John's apartment. The Indians game on TV must not have been very entertaining:

Yay for a fun evening with two of my bestest buds!